ServoTech USB Cable
USB to RS232 Cable
Feature: This cable converts USB signals to RS-232 serial signals, allowing serial devices such as modems and PLC systems to work in a USB environment.

Trans-Tek LVDT
Product: LVDT
Linear Variable Differential Transformers, non-contacting core, null position, infinite resolution, core movement.

Product: Position Sensor
very long life operations, outstanding linearity, high resolution 0,01 mm, very high operating speed



MTS -Position sensor
Product: MTS Position sensor
Feature: Non contact position sensor, for high speed and reliable injection molding machines.


Fotek-AI Temperature Controller
Product: AI Temperature Controller
Feature: Fuzzy+PID Control, Enhanced Autotuning Method AT bias value settable, Muti-Input Type, K/J/PT Selectable, Alarm Function, 15 modes selectable, RUN/STOP Function, Operated ON the panel easily.

  Fotek-Linear & Three Phase Solid State Relay
Product: Linear & Three Phase Solid State Relay
Feature: High compact, hight reliability, high isolation over than 50Mohm/500 VDC, high dielectric over than 2.5 KV, low enable current less than 7.5mA/12V.

  Oct 21, 2003
MTS Displacement Tranducer's Applications
For more details (in Chinese lanaguage)
  Dec 31, 2002

LK machinery open a new factory in China.
For more details

Po Yuen machinery marks fast speed Servo machines.



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